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Current tenants can report a Repair or Maintenance issue or any other issue for that matter below.


Please bear in mind that if the matter is urgent it would be best to call the office on 0161 273 2114 - This will be directed through to one of our team outside of normal office hours.


If you smell Gas call National Grid 0800 111 999 immediately. Once you have done this, please inform us.

Repairs Timescales

The target time for the repair depends on the risk and urgency of the repair.


Emergency Repairs

We will attend to make safe a repair within four hours and fix the repair within 24 hours when you report an emergency repair that:

  • Is a risk to residents and visitors health and safety,

  • May damage the building or security to your home we will attend within two hours to make the repair safe.


These repairs could include making safe and repairing:

  • Flooding that is damaging a property

  • Gas escape

  • Damage to your front door that makes your home insecure.


Emergency repairs that are not a risk to health will be repaired within one working day. These would include repairs to fix:

  • Total loss of electrical power,

  • Total loss of mains water supply.


Urgent Repairs

We will attend within three working days, unless otherwise stated. These include Heating and Hot Water problems, if there is a baby or vulnerable person in the household, priority will be given and attendance within one working day will be ensured.


Non urgent repairs

We will aim to respond to non urgent repairs within seven working days, unless otherwise stated.


Routine Repairs

We will respond to a routine repair within 28 working days, unless otherwise stated.


Planned Repairs / Scheduled Mainteniance

We will respond to a planned repair within 90 working days, unless otherwise stated.

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