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How to Get Paid Guide for Keenan Properties


Address to which invoice & Statement should be sent


John Keenan

Keenan Properties

28A Ardwick Green South


M13 9XE

Email address to which invoices should be sent – Please send one PDF file per invoice

Purchase order requirements

All invoices should quote a 10 digit purchase order. Invoices that do not quote a valid purchase order will be returned to the supplier to resubmit the invoice with a correct purchase order.

Payment run dates in month

Payment runs take place 2 working days before the last working day of the month and on a weekly basis every Thursday (excluding bank holidays).


Date(s) by which an invoice must normally be received and approved to be included in the next payment run


4 days

Contact details for invoice payment queries & statements - All queries will be responded to within 48 hours

How are disputed invoices dealt with?

All queries are responded to within 48 hours and disputed invoices are referred to the buyer who placed the order for the goods or services.

Normal expected timescale for invoice approval from receipt

Upon receipt of goods or services

Is an e-invoicing system utilised?

Not at present

Other important information for suppliers

IBAN numbers should be quoted on all invoices to be paid into non UK bank accounts or non sterling accounts

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